3Shape Product Seminar with doctors at our facility

We invited doctors to present the latest dental technology which includes 3Shape Dental System, Ortho System, Implant Studio, Roland Mills, 3D BioCAD TRUmills and Stratasys Model Printers. A lot of doctors now know 3Shape TRIOS, and they are very interested in whole digital work flow. When we first started 3Shape TRIOS back in December of 2012, doctors did not know TRIOS, and I had to explain them about 3Shape Company; however, 3Shape Company and TRIOS are well known by many doctors these days. And, doctors want to know more about whole 3Shape software.

I scan whole upper and lower arches of one of my employees in front of doctors, we made a digital model and a surgical guide then printed a model with Stratasys Objet Eden500V and printed a surgical guide with Stratasys Objet Orthodest30.

I cannot wait until 3Shape comes out with Implant Studio for edentulous cases. Very excited.

Please check our facility: http://3dbiocad.com/tour/

Charles Park, CAD/CAM Manager